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White Tuna

Isabel offers you its White Tuna, the most exclusive and appreciated tuna, thanks to its pleasant taste, colour and texture. Known as albacore tuna, this is the highest-quality fish of the tuna family, and in summer it comes in large groups to the Bay of Biscay, where it is captured in the so-called "coastal albacore fishing campaign". Its main features are its white flesh, exquisite taste and a smoother texture than the rest of the species. Savour it with the best olive oil or in a delicious escabeche marinade.


  • Dolphin Safe
  • Halal
  • With Omega 3
  • Not Gluten
  • Not Egg
  • Not Lactose

White tuna in escabeche

Enjoy Isabel white tuna in escabeche, a burst of flavour for any occasion. Marinated in a smooth and delicious escabeche sauce, this variety of Isabel albacore tuna is ideal for your sandwiches, salads and in general to provide all your dishes with that inimitable touch of flavour.
Oily fish is a perfect complement to a balanced diet, thanks to its rich content of Omega-3 fatty acids, naturally found in fish and essential for organism development and to help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels in our blood.


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by Pequerecetas

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