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Complete Salads

Make your salads even bigger now with Isabel’s new Complete Salads. All you have to do is open the tin and add the contents to a good bed of lettuce, then enjoy a tasty and fresh salad. You can have a different variety every day. You can also use them to make tasty sandwiches or canapés to surprise your guests with. You no longer have any excuses to not make a delicious salad!


  • Dolphin Safe
  • Not Gluten
  • Not Lactose

Russian Complete Salad

Serve your salads with a Russian salad, a delicious combination of potatoes, carrots, peas and olives dressed with a light mayonnaise. Enjoy its full flavour wherever you are: at the office, at home, at the beach or at the mountain. Just add a bed of greens or spread it between slices of bread for a delicious sandwich.Tip from Isabel: if you want your salad to taste even better, keep it in the fridge for an hour before serving. It will be delicious!

  • Canelones fríos de jamón york con completa ensaladas rusa
    See recipe

Canelones fríos de jamón york con completa ensaladas rusa

by Pequerecetas

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