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Isabel offers you its exquisite fresh, in season mussels sourced from their origin. They are of the highest quality and come marinated, in a delicious scallop sauce, plain, spicy or smoked Isabel has succeeded in finding the formula to delight and seduce everyone who tries them. Mussels are highly nutritious, very easy to digest and allow you to turn any moment into a special occasion.

13-18 piezas / 115g

  • Halal
  • Origin Rias Gallegas
  • Not Gluten
  • Not Egg
  • Not Lactose

Mussels vieira sauce

Isabel mussels are highly nutritious and delicious. Sourced at their origin to guarantee the highest quality. Seasoned with a mild scallop sauce, the only one on the market, so that you only have to worry about enjoying your moments of pleasure.

  • Empanada de mejillones en salsa vieira
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Canelones fríos de jamón york con completa ensaladas rusa

by Pequerecetas

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